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Dongguan Merry Electronic Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the agency and distributor of brand electronic components for 20 years, We have original semiconductor manufacturer technical support and powerful FAE team.
"Reputation-based, quality assurance" is our unremitting pursuit and adhering to the business philosophy of creation.
Merry Electronic will help you achieve a high degree of innovation. And excellent performance solutions, which covering many fields including switch mode power supply (SMPS), computing, motor control and drive, consumer electronics, mobile devices, lighting solutions,automotive and other applications, Since our inception, we have establish a good reputation in the same industry.
While continuing to grow and develop, we always strive to insist on repaying customers for their trust and support to us as always with affordable prices, excellent quality and dedicated services!
  • 2013
    Dongguan Merry Electronic Co.,Ltd was established and acted as an agent of ZhiRun(ZRE)
  • 2014
    Obtained the authorization of Semtech(ST),With a turnover of more than 20 million
  • 2015
    To be an angent of TaiWan HY Electronic (Cayman) Limited (HY) and Mospec Semiconductor Corp.(Mospec)
  • 2016
    To be an angent of Mircone(ME),Enter into the DC-DC field
  • 2017
    To be an angent of Developer(DP),With a turnover exceeds 50 million
  • 2018
    To be an angent of South Korea's Semihow and Loten,Enter into the MosFET field
  • 2019
    To be an angent of Ruichips and Global Power Technology(GPT),Enter into the Silicon Carbide(SIC) field
  • 2021
    Turnover exceeds 100 million

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