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16-06 2023
The 6th Chip Power Demo kicks off to cover wider fields and steps closer to university communities

(JW Insights) Jul 7 -- The China Semiconductor Investment Alliance, in partnership with JW Insights, launched the 6th Chip Power Demo to identify local IC talents and facilitate industry innovation, the organizer announced.The 6th year-long competition event has two significant upgrades. Firstly, th

16-06 2023
Dutch government: China's export curb on chip metals requires EU response

(JW Insights) Jul 5 -- The Dutch government said that the European Union must respond to new rules introduced by China requiring a license to export two metals widely used in semiconductor manufacturing, on July 4, Reuters reported.China's decision announced on July 3 affecting some gallium and germ

16-06 2023
Tech Forum: BT Substrate Enables Progress of Advanced Packaging

Advanced packaging technology now plays a pivotal role in extending Moore’s law of economics. It helps overcome the increasing fabrication cost and power management issues while achieving speed gains associated with the monolithic design of each new transistor node.There are several ways to classify

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