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S20T150C 150V/20A Rectifiers Low VF Schottky Diode

150V/20A/TO-220AB Switchmode Dual Schottky Barrier Power Rectifiers
  • S20T150C


Applications of LOW VF Schottky Diodes in PC Power Supplies and LED Driver Power Supplies

Schottky diodes are widely used in various electronic applications due to their unique characteristics and advantages. Among them, LOW VF Schottky diodes have gained significant popularity in recent years. This article explores the applications of LOW VF Schottky diodes, specifically in PC power supplies and LED driver power supplies.

Understanding LOW VF Schottky Diodes:

LOW VF Schottky diodes, also known as low forward voltage Schottky diodes, are semiconductor devices that exhibit a lower forward voltage drop compared to traditional Schottky diodes. This low forward voltage drop allows for reduced power losses and improved efficiency in electronic circuits.

Application 1: PC Power Supplies:

In PC power supplies, LOW VF Schottky diodes play a crucial role in rectifying the alternating current (AC) input from the wall outlet to direct current (DC) output required by the computer components. These diodes are commonly used in the power factor correction (PFC) stage and the secondary side of the power supply.

The PFC stage is responsible for improving the power factor of the power supply, reducing harmonic distortion, and ensuring compliance with energy efficiency standards. By utilizing LOW VF Schottky diodes in the PFC stage, power supply manufacturers can achieve higher efficiency and meet stringent energy regulations.

Furthermore, in the secondary side of the power supply, LOW VF Schottky diodes are employed in voltage regulation and protection circuits. These diodes help maintain stable output voltages and protect sensitive components from overvoltage or reverse voltage conditions.

Application 2: LED Driver Power Supplies:

LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) have become the preferred choice for lighting applications due to their energy efficiency and long lifespan. LED driver power supplies are responsible for converting the incoming AC or DC power to the appropriate voltage and current required by the LEDs.

LOW VF Schottky diodes find extensive use in LED driver power supplies, particularly in the rectification and voltage regulation stages. These diodes enable efficient conversion of AC to DC, minimizing power losses and maximizing the overall system efficiency.

Moreover, in LED driver circuits, LOW VF Schottky diodes are utilized for protecting the LEDs from reverse voltage conditions. By preventing reverse current flow, these diodes ensure the longevity and reliability of the LED lighting system.


LOW VF Schottky diodes offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency, power loss reduction, and voltage regulation. Their applications in PC power supplies and LED driver power supplies are vital for achieving optimal performance and energy efficiency. As technology continues to advance, the demand for LOW VF Schottky diodes is expected to grow, driving further innovation in their design and applications.


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