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TM2G0080120D 1200V N-Channel Silicon Carbide Power MOSFET

TM2G0080120D 1200V N-Channel Silicon Carbide Power MOSFET
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The Application of Silicon Carbide Mosfet in Photovoltaic Inverters


Silicon Carbide (SiC) Mosfets have emerged as a promising technology in the field of power electronics. With their unique properties, they offer numerous advantages over traditional silicon-based devices. This article explores the application of SiC Mosfets in photovoltaic inverters, highlighting their benefits and potential impact on the renewable energy sector.

1. Understanding Silicon Carbide Mosfets:

Silicon Carbide Mosfets are power semiconductor devices that utilize SiC as the semiconductor material instead of silicon. SiC offers superior material properties such as higher breakdown voltage, lower on-resistance, and faster switching speeds. These characteristics make SiC Mosfets highly efficient and capable of handling high power densities.

2. Benefits of Silicon Carbide Mosfets in Photovoltaic Inverters:

2.1 Improved Efficiency: SiC Mosfets have significantly lower on-resistance compared to traditional silicon-based devices. This results in reduced power losses and increased overall efficiency of the photovoltaic inverter system. Higher efficiency translates into better energy conversion and improved performance of the solar power system.

2.2 Higher Switching Frequencies: SiC Mosfets can operate at much higher switching frequencies compared to silicon-based devices. This enables the design of smaller and lighter inverters, reducing the overall system footprint. Higher switching frequencies also contribute to improved system response and better control over power flow in the photovoltaic system.

2.3 Enhanced Thermal Performance: SiC Mosfets exhibit excellent thermal conductivity, allowing for better heat dissipation. This feature enables the design of more compact and reliable inverters, reducing the need for additional cooling mechanisms. Improved thermal performance ensures higher system reliability and longevity, especially in demanding outdoor environments.

3. Impact on Photovoltaic Inverter Design:

The application of SiC Mosfets in photovoltaic inverters brings several design advantages. Their lower on-resistance and higher switching frequencies enable the use of smaller passive components, reducing overall system costs. Additionally, the improved thermal performance allows for compact and lightweight designs, making installation and maintenance more convenient.

4. Future Prospects and Challenges:

While the adoption of SiC Mosfets in photovoltaic inverters is gaining momentum, there are still challenges to overcome. One major obstacle is the higher cost of SiC Mosfets compared to traditional silicon-based devices. However, as technology advances and economies of scale come into play, the cost is expected to decrease, making SiC Mosfets more accessible to a wider market.

Another challenge lies in the compatibility of SiC Mosfets with existing control and protection circuitry. As the technology evolves, manufacturers and system integrators need to ensure seamless integration and compatibility between SiC Mosfets and other components in the photovoltaic inverter system.


The application of Silicon Carbide Mosfets in photovoltaic inverters offers significant advantages in terms of efficiency, size, and reliability. Their unique material properties enable improved energy conversion and system performance, contributing to the growth of the renewable energy sector. As the technology matures and becomes more affordable, SiC Mosfets are expected to play a crucial role in shaping the future of photovoltaic systems.





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